Wednesday, April 30, 2008

this is supposed to be daily!

it's hard for me to keep up with my blogging lately, especially since eli rarely gives me the opportunity to snap his picture these days.




Friday, April 25, 2008

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

wow, a whole week without blogging!

that's not true. this isn't my only blog. SHHH! but it's my only ELI blog, and i haven't updated in a WHOLE WEEK. crazy!

here's some nice belly action:

a cute face:

lookin tuff:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

evening at the park

car's back in the shop, so eli and i were a little cooped up today. to relieve some pressure, we headed to the park this evening:






Sunday, April 13, 2008

bye bye, grandma and grandpa!


grandma and grandpa j came to visit for a few days. it didn't take more than a few minutes for eli to become completely ecstatic in their presence. lots of fun was had by all, and we look forward to the next visit. <3

Saturday, April 12, 2008

pine state biscuits

grandma and grandpa j have been visiting. hi guys! this morning we had biscuits before heading to the farmer's market:

Saturday, April 05, 2008

oh yeah, 18 month stats.

oh yeah, so i guess if you are interested, i will post eli's stats from his 18 month checkup the other day. (well, it was on the 20th, haha)

28 pounds, 11 ounces! (that's about 1.5 lbs more than he was at a year old)
34.5 inches (i don't really believe this. they don't measure very accurately at the dr.'s office, and this puts him at just about an inch shy of everett, who is obviously at least 2 inches taller than eli.) about 4 inches since his 1 year checkup!
and a big fat head, 49.7 cm which i think puts him in the 90-95thish percentile for head circumference. haha!

developmentally, a LOT has happened in the past 6 months. the number of words he can say has shot up from about 6 to well over 100. his vocabulary is vast and developing more every day. he will repeat nearly anything, especially 1 or 2 syllable words. he can point to a tattoo and say "tattoo!" all bottled beverages have become "beer!" and there are a lot of words that we have to spell if we don't want to induce a hysterical fit- B-A-T-H, W-A-L-K, B-U-B-B-L-E-S, to name a few.

one thing that is pretty funny is his absolute OBSESSION with basketball. now, my somewhat fanatical 'anti-tv' policies have resulted in a kid who just ignores the television when it's turned on for the most part. even if i WANTED him to watch an episode of sesame street while i clean the kitchen, he wouldn't do it. he'd just beg me to come and sit and watch it with him, haha. however, if you put on a basketball game, he freezes in place and yells, "HOOP! PASS! B-BALL! HOOP! SHOOT! DUNK!" i am serious, guys- this kid is a die-hard basketball fan. he loves it! for christmas, we bought him a little tykes basketball hoop and he spends a huge portion of every day just DUNKING THE BALL, (or any other toy) over and over again. if there's a ball game on, he will stand there with one hand palming the ball, holding it just at the rim of the hoop, watching the game, muttering stuff to himself like "HOOP. PASS. SHOOT." needless to say, jason is delighted. honestly, i never thought i'd give birth to a tiny jock, but here he is, taking up space in my house with his basketball hoop, his baseball glove (which he managed to correctly put on today, and hold a wiffle ball in, while yelling BALL! BALL!) his NUMEROUS BALLS, etc. i can only look forward to an adolescence filled with sweaty sports equipment littering my hallways. great! (no really, it IS great. it's pretty fun.)

he has also become remarkably loving recently. he picks up his stuffed animals and proclaims "BABY!" while hugging them tightly- he'll kiss them and then hand them to me to do the same. he will run up to us and hug us as hard as he can and then say "HUG!" and when we ask for a smooch, he obliges. "MOOCH!"

everything he says is either an exclaimation or a question. HOOP! SHOOT! DUNK! when it comes to drawing, it's all desperate pleading. he loves to color, but mostly he loves to watch me color for him. he'll shove crayons into my fists begging, "meow? meow? meow? circle? circle? circle? bike? meow?" he likes it when i draw him pictures of cats, bicycles, flowers, and just plain circles. if i draw a cute animal, he will put his hands out in front of him and begin opening and closing his fists as fast as he can, saying "HUG? HUG? HUG?" he gets himself really worked up this way- he REALLY wants to hug the animals in the pictures. the only solution is for me to say "give it a kiss!" and then he'll kiss the piece of paper and relax, feeling relieved of the compulsion to hug a 2 dimensional object.

i guess that's about it for now. at 18 months old, my son is smart, loving, hilarious, and painfully adorable. he's starting to lose his baby fat and look more like a kid and less like a roly poly baby. some of his mannerisms are distinctly jason-esque, but his emotional range is definitely (unfortunately, haha) inherited from me. he's volatile, but also passionate and caring. i'm scared to see what he's going to be like as a teenager, but i know that he'll grow up loved, so it's not that terrifying yet. i'm really looking forward to seeing what he'll be like as a real KID type kid- a 5 year old, an 8 year old, a 10 year old. i want to see what kind of art he'll make, if he'll excel at the sports he so clearly adores, what kind of haircut he's going to want. i can't wait! (yes i can.)

okay, that's all for the 18 month checkup. hit me up in another 6 months when i'm weeping hysterically when i realize my baby is a TWO YEAR OLD. HOLY COW.

today was annelise's 1st birthday!

eli's buddy annelise turned 1 today!




Thursday, April 03, 2008

evening walks resume




pssst, new development. you might have noticed that these pictures, unlike all the others, are 'clickable.' this is because it has come to my attention that the photo hosting site i use requires that the pictures link back to their original page as part of the terms of service. i will be linking my photos back to my flickr page from now on. my flickr stream sometimes contains nudity and occasionally a wee bit of profanity, so if you're not cool with these things, (i'm looking at non-carrier-family relatives who aren't vulgar catholics, haw haw) don't click the pictures. if you'd like to see a vast collection of pictures of the inside of my house, my friends, myself, my stuff, the occasional pair of boobs, and lots and lots of pictures of trees and flowers, feel free to click on them and browse through. this concludes my boring announcement.