Thursday, April 03, 2008

evening walks resume




pssst, new development. you might have noticed that these pictures, unlike all the others, are 'clickable.' this is because it has come to my attention that the photo hosting site i use requires that the pictures link back to their original page as part of the terms of service. i will be linking my photos back to my flickr page from now on. my flickr stream sometimes contains nudity and occasionally a wee bit of profanity, so if you're not cool with these things, (i'm looking at non-carrier-family relatives who aren't vulgar catholics, haw haw) don't click the pictures. if you'd like to see a vast collection of pictures of the inside of my house, my friends, myself, my stuff, the occasional pair of boobs, and lots and lots of pictures of trees and flowers, feel free to click on them and browse through. this concludes my boring announcement.

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