Friday, July 04, 2008

happy america day

you may recall that last year, elijah was a LITTLE freaked out by the fireworks:

well, lucky for us, no such problems occurred this year:

after getting coffee this morning, we stopped at the park to shoot hoops, and some neighborhood folks did some early morning fireworks. eli was pumped, and he kept yelling, "More!!! COOOOL!"

later on, it was more of the same. he said "COOL!" over and over. hilarious!


maybe next year, we'll get brave and let him try holding a sparkler. today he just stood next to jason while he swung his through the air.

the day's tally:

number of hot dogs consumed by eli (sans bun, fyi): 2.5 (he finished everett's, and would have kept going if we didn't stop him)
number of amazed toddlers: 2
number of alternately frustrated, hungry, elated, high strung, loud women: 3
number of relaxed, eye-rolling men: 2 (kaya had to work)
number of sparklers burnt: 4
number of goofy grocery store fireworks exploded: at least 20

okay jeez, i was just trying to copy Ed, but what can i say? i hate math. overall it was a good day. happy 4th of july.

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