Tuesday, November 18, 2008

to the book club!

since eli's gotten a little older i've become a lot more lax on my tv policies- that is, i let him watch some tv, pretty much just OPB but jason lets him do spongebob sometimes- here's me rolling my eyes. anyway, there's a really dorky show that he loves called "SUPER WHY!" and it's too lame to bother explaining, but it's all about reading and words and blah blah- he likes it. it's good for toddlers. ANYWAY whenever they have a "super big problem!" they all meet up at the book club to solve it, and they always say, "TO THE BOOK CLUB!" which is something that eli's been running around hollering a lot. so, when summer built them this table-fort the other day, it was immediately dubbed "the book club" and the boys began hoarding books to read under the table. pretty darn cute if you ask me. left to right: eli, london, riley.



eli, doing his best shrek "i'm an ogre!!! arrrrr!"


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