Monday, April 12, 2010

developmentally appropriate.




eli is really enamored with the idea of being married. to him, being married is just like being the very best of friends with someone (which is true enough, right?) and he wants to marry me, jason, and his stuffed yoshi. when my parents told him he couldn't marry yoshi, he was genuinely brokenhearted. (also, MOM- if you think i didn't notice when you said he couldn't marry yoshi because he was the wrong color, you are high. i noticed. let's be a little more current, mmkay?)

anyway, the other day i helped him slide this little plastic flower ring on his ring finger and told him that was the finger you wear your wedding ring on. he was very pleased and pronounced his undying devotion to yoshi.

also i really like it when he lines up his cars. it really warms my heart to wander around my house and find evidence of a toddler like this, lines of toys and broken crayon bits everywhere i look.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

pink eye


lookin like SHIIIIIIT

eli has a really nasty case of viral pink eye (so in addition to the scratchy eyes, he has a gnarly cold on top of it.) and he has been pretty miserable. i feel so bad for him!